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Aerospace & Aviation

AMS Products have been extensively used to manufacture and repair commercial and military aircraft helicopters, drones, navigation systems, control panels, firewall assemblies, shaker control assemblies, shims, and more.

Our products offer improved performance, durability, weight savings & fuel efficiency.  The performance properties are approved for used  on US rotocraft , satellites, missiles and UAV’s


  • High temperature resistance to 3200F/Cryogenic

  • Resistance to:

    • Submersion in Harsh Solvents, Hydraulic Fluids, Jet Fuel oils, Oils, Outdoor Weather Conditions, Thermal Cycling, Salt Spray, Corrosion, Humidity, Fungus, Abrasion, Creep and Fatigue 

  • Meets NASA outgassing requirements, flame, smoke and toxic emission standards

  • Excellent dielectric strength -- even as a thin film

  • Potting and adhesives with outstanding heat dissipation and insulation values and torque

  • Easy to use with wide range of viscosities and cure time

  • VOC compliant adhesives and coatings 


  • Aircraft, Aerospace, and Space Missions

  • Military and Defence Production

  • Helicopter Manufacturing and Repair 

  • Drone Manufacturing and Repair

  • Navigation Systems

  • Control Panels 

  • Commercial Aircrafts, Firewall Assembly, Shaker Control Assembly, Shims, and more


High Temp. 3200F Sensor Adhesive:

 Bonds Dissimilar Substrates

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