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Motor Transformer Assembly

AMS Material products have been trusted to bond rotor and stator laminations, magnets, cyclotrons, and cosmotrons. We also offer high temperature electrical potting compounds and powdered epoxies for electrical insulating and electric conductivity as well as UV curable adhesives for temporary metal maskants and insulating coatings.


  • Used by the US Army and Missile 

  • Reduces Core and Eddy Current Losses

  • Increases Efficiency

  • Provides Weight Optimization

  • Improves Consistency in Size and Shape yielding Improved Consistency in Performance. 

  • Superior Thin Film Adhesion

  • Superior Heat Dissipation

  • Thermal Shock Resistance

  • Chemical Resistant


  • Stack Lamination

  • UV Curable Protective Coatings

  • Magnet Bonding

  • Potting Compounds

  • Encapsulating Compounds


Magnet Bonding Excellent 

Torque Strength

High Temp. Insulative 


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