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​Coatings, Paints,

 Potting Compounds & Inks

AMS Coatings offer ultimate protection, durability, electrical properties and heat dissipation to meet the most challenging military military and NASA requirements. 

Wide range of viscosity for all applications: Spray, Brush, Roller Coating, Flow Coating, Flexographic, Gravure, Pad printing, Dipping and Robotic Dispensing.     


  • High Temperature Resistant to 1400F/Cryogenic.

  • Environmentally Friendly LOW VOC alternatives to toxic solvent based materials & Certified to meet Military Standards.

  • Water Based Formulations Resistant To: 

    • Submersion in Harsh Solvents, Hydraulic Fluids, Jet Fuel Oils, Oils, Outdoor Weather Conditions, Salt Spray, Thermal Cycling, Corrosion, Humidity, Fungus, Abrasion, Wear, UV, Impact Vibration and Shock. 

  • Excellent Dielectric Insulation and Heat Dissipation. 

  • Certified to meet NASA Outgassing,  

  • Meets Flame, Smoke and Toxic emission standards. 

  • Marking Inks with exceptional Resistance to Cleaning Solvents

  • Temporary alignment Marking Inks

  • Non Skid Coatings with Superior Weatherability  


  • Aerospace Interior and Exterior

  • Corrosion Resistant wind turbine Coatings 

  • Radome Coating.

  • Potting Compounds for Sensors

  • Walkway non Skid coating that meets Harsh Navy Conditions

  • Electronics - Conformal Coatings, Potting Compounds. 

  • Electric Motor Potting, Transformers

  • Engines High Heat and Standard industrial Coatings 

  • Corrosions Resistant coatings for Power Generation/ Telecommunication Systems, Lights and Signage.

  • Coatings and Marking Inks Construction Equipment, 

Potting Compounds 

Excellent Chemical Resistance 

& Dissipates Heat!

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