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Military & Defense

Our products are formulated to meet the most stringent military specifications and are environmentally friendly. We work closely with defense engineers to jointly develop improved products that keep our environment healthy and our defense strong.


  • List of popular stocked items: Low minimums.  

  • Mil DTL 85285 all colors/glosses

  • Mil DTL 53022

  • Mil DTL 53039 

  • Mil DTL 23377

  • Mil V 173

  • MMM-A-134

  • MMM-A-1617


  • Military Aircraft Primers and Top Coats

  • Heat Resistant Coatings for Engines, Ovens, Piping

  • Chemical and Weather Resistant for Exterior Aerospace

  • Interior Aerospace Fire Retardant Coatings

  • Non Slip Coatings for Walkways

  • Reflective Coatings

  • Jet Fuel Sealant for Tanks

  • Military Ground Equipment

  • Military Tarp and Tent CARC Coatings 


Fuel Resistant Missile Sealants 

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